Today heart failures are main issue among people, as a result of not following a healthy life styles. This is a project to predict if a patient is having a heart disease or not by considering several health factors.

Data analysis

The dataset is known as heart.csv downloaded from Kaggle. There are numerical and categorical values.

There are 13 features in it. They are

age : age in years

sex : 1 = male ; 0 = female

cp : chest pain type (0–3)

trestbps : resting blood pressure(in mm Hg on admission to the hospital

chol : serum cholestora…

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services and its a platform that provides solutions to anyone on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. In cloud computing anyone can access through a remote server. AWS services launched in 2002 and when it becomes 2019 it was able to provide more than 100 cloud services.

Key Features

  • Provides services on an on-demand pay for what you use model. In the start of developing application it costs little amount. So it very important to track what you use.
  • Infrastructure is failure-prone and through redundancy Amazon achieves service robustness. For those services Amazon offers service level agreements.

With the increase of computer power , accessing data has been increased gradually. Data scientists have to solve problems related to data science by using decision making process. So data science methodology is an iterative method that guides to the best solutions for the problems on data science.

1 . Business understanding

Data Science methodology begins with spending the time to seek clarification to attain what can be referred to as a business understanding. Having this understanding is placed at the beginning of the methodology because getting clarity around the problem to be solved allows to determine which data will…

Shelomi Priskila

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